About Me

Hi my name is Christella Merveille, and I am the writer behind For the Praying Woman.

Meet Christella Merveille!

I love to encourage, pray, and write about my faith. I truly believe each of these things are a gift from God. I have seen God’s Grace, mercy, and sovereignty first hand, so I have dedicated my life to sharing the gospel on this blog!

  • I am Congolese American
  • I am a graduate student
  • I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior
  • I come from a big family
  • I live in the smallest state
  • I am an extroverted introvert
  • I am artsy and a bit nerdy
  • I am big on compassion and understanding
  • I try my best to be more like Jesus Christ each and every day
  • I often times post words of encouragement on my instagram story. Check it out sometimes on my faithpage @fortheprayingwoman and my personal page @heiressstella.
  • I call myself a heiress not because I think I am better than anyone but simply because I believe in inheriting from God.

Don’t know how to pray or what to pray?