Disbelief: The seeds of Doubt

You find yourself sitting in a room surrounded by your closest friends and family. Everyone is content enjoying each others company. Love and laughter is filling the room. You are overwhelmed with joy by how great this moment is. Then instantly you remember that one time that you were alone drowning in your fear and feelings without a single soul to comfort you. Just like that the moment is gone. It starts to seem like every time you are filled with joy and enjoying your experience.. here comes doubt to interrupt your moment.
This month’s prayer theme is belief. It is such a powerful concept that the Lord has given us in order for us to receive his blessings and love. We know that God loves us and wants the best for our lives. But we also know that because of the fall of man we are left vulnerable to evil and tempted by the evil one quite often. While the Lord is giving us an experience that is prospering, the devil comes to steal our attention from away his fruitfulness. We see this happen with Eve in Genesis. She was deceived by the serpent who planted a seed of doubt into her mind questioning if God really had said she could not eat from the tree of knowledge. As if God had not already given her all that she needed. The serpent made her focus on the one thing that she did not need to focus on. Her life was abundant but he still managed to distract her from her abundance. One thing we as a praying people should take away from the fall of man is the moment you doubt God all hell will break loose and you will lose. You will lose your riches and you will lose his promise because you have allowed doubt to wear down your confidence in who God is.
We find ourselves in doubt quite often. As a people of prayer we must work to understand, confront, and condemn doubt in all its forms. Doubt is an mental and emotional experience we all share. Mentally it makes our find focus on the negative. Emotionally it leads us by fear which we know does not come from God. Doubt is defined by disbelief or lack of confidence. So when we doubt ourselves or God we are engaging in disbelief. We are denouncing our faith in God and allowing fear to disconnect us from his blessings and love. At the same time we are connecting ourselves to disbelief. Once you start to doubt and are in disbelief it only leaves room for more doubt and more disbelief. It is a seed you do not want growing in your mind. Once you stop believing you are disconnected from the belief in God. Belief is our greatest gift from God that connects us directly to him.
We know that the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear. The Lord does not want us to doubt. We doubt because our faith is not as strong as it could be. Otherwise we would never doubt because our confidence is one hundred percent in the Lord. Doubt plants seeds. Once you begin to doubt one thing you will find yourself doubting another thing and a chain of others will follow. You will never benefit from doubt. The only one who benefits from doubt is satan. We know that when satan himself was an angel in heaven he doubted the power of God, he thought he could be greater than him, and because of that he found himself eternally damned. He wants us to share in his deadly fate. When you doubt you must ask yourself do you really want to end up like him? Or would you rather live a life of prosperity?
You must learn to confront doubt! Who is doubt to tell us that we cannot be as great as we want to be? Who is doubt to take away from our confidence in God? Is doubt even worth separating us from eternal life and the favor of the most high? The answer is Nobody, No, and Never. Doubt comes from the father of lies, satan. So every seed of doubt is a lie. For us, as a people of prayer we automatically must believe that every doubt you have within yourself and any doubts you have towards the Lord is nothing but a L I E. We believe in a God of truth any word that goes against His is a L I E. You must call that voice in your head that tells you that you can’t a lie! That mistake that makes you fear trying again is a lie!! That friend that doesn’t believe that your future will be bright, you must call them a liar!!!! The very things that try to block you from believing in yourself and in your God must be denounced. You were given the power of life and death in your tongue alone. Use it to your benefit put those discouraging thoughts and words to death by the power invested in you. Denounce all thoughts and words that work to derail you from receiving the promises your Father in heaven has set aside for you. Do not allow doubt to come in your garden of Eden (your mind) and make you question your existence, dreams, or purpose. You must denounce the work of the devil! Doubt has no jurisdiction in your mind! Use your most powerful weapons to conquer doubt. Your belief and your prayers. Believe in the Lord with all your heart. If you struggle with this study His word and meditate in it. The word of God denounces doubt if you know the word, you know the truth and will not believe in the lies. You must also make praying for a sound and confident mind a priority. Pray against your thoughts of doubt and pray for anyone who doubts you. If you believe it is out of your control you need to put it in God’s hands. Let God be in control of the things you can’t pray unto him. Prayer is powerful! Prayer is a weapon of Mass destruction. I have seen prayer transform my spirit as well as the conditions of my life. I feel blessed and favored and honored when I speak to the most high. I encourage you my dear to do the same. Here is a prayer for denouncing doubt:
Father God, I thank you for setting a place for me in your kingdom where the blessings are as abundant as your love for me. I ask that you forgive me for the times that I forget my value and doubt my abilities. I know that you have plans to help me prosper and that with you I can do all things. I ask that you forgive me for allowing doubt to consume my mind and derail my faith in you and your promises. I ask that you put it in me to forgive anyone who doubts me or my abilities. May the spirit of doubt leave my mind and my environment. Put it in me to forgive myself for my mistakes. Help me develop confidence in you as well as myself and strengthen my faith in you. When I doubt may you redirect me to your word and fill me with your unfailing love. In Jesus name Amen!

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