Forgiving Yourself

We all have those moments where we beat ourselves up for what we wish could have been said or done differently. Unfortunately sin has its way of destroying us internally. Thankfully, God found a way to save us eternally and that way is Jesus. He gives us wisdom through Jesus on how to have victory over the issues of life. As sinners we struggle daily with shame and guilt. We struggle to forgive ourselves as much as we struggle to forgive one another. Whether we make a mistake, offend someone, are rejected, fail or whatever the case may be we struggle with these outcomes. To make matters worst we judge and condemn ourselves without any mercy instead of showing ourselves the compassion we are taught.
Our bible tells us that forgiveness is the way to free ourselves from judgment. Jesus instructs us to forgive in order to be forgiven. In Matthew 6:14-15 it states “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” In lesser words if you don’t look past it neither will God. You must have a similar approach when it comes to forgiving yourself. When you learn to forgive yourself God will forgive you. If you never forgive yourself and you constantly remind yourself and beat yourself up about it how can God look past it? God wants to move you forward but you are not looking ahead. Your faith determines the amount of fuel God can use to work through you. Do you have enough faith to look beyond your past mistakes? Things such as living in your past, dwelling on mistakes, constantly guilt tripping yourself, and living in shame are a displays of defeat not faith. He won’t grow you in shame and guilt. Free yourself, forgive yourself. Feel free to forgive yourself you don’t have to be ashamed forever. God does not want us to live in these states of fear but instead by faith. It is only by faith that God can give you the victory. If you want God to work through you, you must give him something to work with. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know so God can expand your wisdom. Forgive yourself for putting your trust in an untrust worthy person so God can teach you to know the difference. Forgive yourself for that mistake you made so God can use you to correct it. Don’t block your own blessings. God forgiving the world unlocked eternal life. Imagine what you could unlock through forgiving yourself in your daily life? Remember it is in our nature to be flawed we are not perfect. But through Christ we are made perfect. Practice what He preached by forgiving yourself as much as you forgive other people.
A prayer for forgiving yourself:
Lord, I am filled with shame and guilt. I have made mistakes and I have allowed them to overcome my faith. I know you did not give me a spirit of shame or guilt. I know you have forgiven my sins through the blood of your son Jesus. I ask that you take these emotions out of my mind and flush them out of my heart. I ask that you free me from my attachment to my sins. I ask that you free me from whatever pain and shame I am holding on to. That you restore my faith so that I may be whole again. I Thank you for your never ending mercy and compassion in Jesus name amen

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